Intelligent Finance OneStream

Intelligent Finance Inspires Digital Transformation

Finance teams will now reclaim ownership of their future by following a different direction forward. A direction ahead that is motivating businesses to change their ways and organizations will now work smarter, not harder. As a result, a new standard for corporate performance management has emerged (CPM) called Intelligent Finance. 

Finance departments in big and diverse organizations need more than “linked” finance solutions, which are often very disconnected. 

Although linked Finance strategies have aided in the transition of finance for more than two decades, they aren’t really built for this modern age of complexity and continuous change. 

What separates OneStream from other related finance solutions? 

Instead of focusing on “connecting tools” that add complexity and redundancy, OneStream’s Intelligent Finance Platform is a fully coherent system that is built to intelligently leverage and reuse its key components. 

OneStream unifies CPM processes – such as preparation, financial close & restructuring, monitoring, and analytics – into a single, extensible solution that unleashes the power of finance. Finance teams will use OneStream to arm the rest of the company with financial and organizational information gathered from the same results, allowing for quicker and more knowledgeable decision-making. All of this is done on a cloud network that is built to grow and change with the company. 

Hyperion Insurance Group had been using Anaplan for their finance processes and had a significant need for stability, controls, and standardization. Anaplan also required extensive, continuous maintenance to connect plans as a result of the organization’s development and complexity, and lacks the financial intelligence required for reporting. For financial restructuring, forecasting, executive monitoring, staff costing, and job management spanning 40 countries and four branches, the company needed to replace Anaplan with OneStream’s Intelligent Finance network. 

With built-in, granular monitoring within a single solution, the OneStream software has helped Hyperion Insurance’s central teams track and manage back-office operations. 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash