Corporate Performance Management (CPM) OneStream

Future-oriented OneStream for INW

Consistency in the corporation is crucial when it comes to budgeting, planning and preparing in an organization. But a complex manufacturing firm will struggle by using cumbersome sizes to handle sensitive financial details like investment management, labor records, COGS and more. For Innovations in Nutrition and Wellness (INW) Manufacturing, this was an area too familiar. But fortunately, they have found a future-oriented CPM platform that can handle their needs both today and for the future. Please read to find out more.

INW was able to use data mapping rules to quickly load historical data to OneStream XF due to the shared nature of the network. The prediction model of the consumer stage has been imitated with current Excel models and incorporated into OneStream as a rolling projection.

OneStream XF meets the demands of INW’s manufacturing and supply chain divisions while giving consumers complete control over prediction updates. OneStream XF has an easy single point of servicing that is also flexible.

INW has achieved all of their most recent standards, including:

  • Simplified Working Forecast Method
  • Selection of Viewing the Next Year Budget
  • Managing Revenue by Customer, Product and COGS
  • Meeting Multiple Budget Team Workflows Needs
  • Simplified Intercompany Eliminations
  • Capital Project Planning 
  • Consistent Reporting Structure Across Divisions

OneStream has proven to be a very effective platform for INW’s monthly budgeting and forecasting. Consistent reporting through production plants puts everybody on the same page, which has been a huge benefit.

Photo by Michele Blackwell on Unsplash