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OneStream Planning: The Why, How and When is is brought to you by Cameron Lackpour and Celvin Kattookaran. This exclusive title is loaded with technical and expert tips for all things planning. A first look of book will be available soon as well as the release date! Pre-order information to follow. Stay tuned!

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Headshot - Pill - Cameron Lackpour

Cameron Lackpour

Cameron Lackpour first worked with Corporate Performance Management technology in the dinosaur days of mainframe multidimensional databases and saw the OneStream light in 2017. He has been in the consulting business since 1996, creating solutions for customers using best of breed planning and analytic tools. Cameron blogs on and is a host on the podcast This is Cameron’s third book. He hopes you enjoy it.

Headshot - Pill - Calvin Kattookaran

Celvin Kattookaran

Celvin Kattookaran has more than 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management. He has successfully implemented enterprise-wide performance management solutions across many industries with heavy experience in the OneStream XF Platform and various Specialty applications. Celvin is an avid blogger and shares his ideas and utilities on his blog and is a host on the podcast

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