OneStream Training

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Accelerate Your Success | OneStream offers a variety of training options to fit your requirements.

Flexible Training Options

OneStream offers live classroom, live remote, self-learning and onsite training for beginner and advanced implementation consultants and administrators. These focus heavily on the tools and practices required for administering and implementing OneStream.

Expert Trainers

Our expert trainers have a combination of deep domain and technical knowledge, as well as implementation and training experience designed to increase your opportunity for success with OneStream.

Rapid Knowledge Transfer

Predefined learning paths, broken out by role and subject matter will help guide you while developing your team’s training plan.

Training Options

OneStream Classroom Training

OneStream offers both centralized live classroom with a live remote option and onsite private options for beginner and advanced training. These focus heavily on the tools and practices required for implementing OneStream. The target audience includes administrators and implementation consultants.

OneStream Academy

OneStream Academy is our premier online content portal that provides both introductory and advanced level content for users of all levels. OneStream Academy delivers the information needed on demand, which enables the OneStream community to learn both OneStream Platform and MarketPlace solutions via a self-serve approach. This Learning Management System (LMS) is available free of charge for those OneStream Administrators and Implementation Consultants who attend the Application Build or the Power User Reporting Class.

Getting Started with Application Basics

Application Basics is a high-level introduction to key OneStream concepts and can be viewed at your convenience in OneStream Academy. The goal of this course is to give the entire project team a view of what OneStream can do from a functional standpoint, something we call The Art of the Possible. Application Basics provides a deep dive demo followed with explanations on how the application is built and designed. It also gives a pointer to resources that will help you during your OneStream implementation and after.

End-User Training Packs

End-User Training Packs are provided by OneStream via the MarketPlace for all implementation services consultants and partners. These training packs are customizable for any customer’s application and represent best practices for training end users and administrators on workflow, report creation, data analysis and application management.

Looking for end-user training? OneStream partners Keyteach and CompIntelligence offer standard and customized end-user training for OneStream worldwide. Visit their web sites for more information.