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The Best CPM Software Customer Success Webinars of 2021

This article first appeared on the OneStream Blog by Lauren Ford

At OneStream, our vision is to build a world where finance organizations globally can leverage modern CPM software applications that unify and streamline processes across the enterprise. With a deep passion for what we do, our goal is to minimize system maintenance and the effort of manually compiling data so finance teams can become more agile in driving value back to the business.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, don’t just take my word for it. Committed to delivering 100% customer success, OneStream saw a 38 percent growth in its customer base in 2021, reaching over 900 enterprises worldwide – each with a unique story! Below we’ve recapped the most popular OneStream Customer Success Webinars of 2021 and invite you to hear firsthand the benefits our customers have achieved with our modern CPM software platform.

Workforce Planning at Bunge: Aligning People with Strategy and Performance

 For more than two decades, Bunge has worked to improve the global agri-food chain by connecting farmers to consumers to deliver essential food, feed, and fuel to the world. After completing a successful financial consolidation project in OneStream, Bunge wanted a better view of workforce costs across different GL structures and 40+ currencies. The decision was then made to implement People Planning from the OneStream Marketplace to align financial results and help plan for 25,000 employees worldwide. But that’s not all. Bunge also created a Zero-Based Budgeting process to plan employee cost by function, with a clear view of the organization headcount for global managers.

Hear from our customer, Bunge, on how their workforce planning processes align resource planning, strategy, and financial performance across 360+ locations around the globe. Watch the webinar replay to learn how Bunge is using OneStream to bring all their initiatives together in one CPM software solution.

“With one process, ‘One Bunge’, we have started our journey to strategic workforce planning. We moved out of a very decentralized process to a global view for workplace planning and are able to see how many people we have in our company at a given time, and at what cost. In addition, we have built global consolidated bottom-up employee costs into one platform and created a seamless integration with the zero-based budget. We have moved from pure cost projections to having workforce insights to focus on the critical business needs and talent gaps.” – Isabelle Di Maio, Director Total Rewards, Bunge

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Streamlining Financial Operations at Azelis

 An innovative solution provider for specialty chemicals and food ingredients distribution with a global presence, Azelis operates in 58 countries across multiple business areas. With over 2,500 employees, Azelis serves more than 45,000 customers and is a global player active with many legal entities and in many countries. Azelis needed a reliable financial consolidation system to report in many dimensions, several currencies, in addition to reporting their record M&A growth. Specifically, they were searching for a future-proof, modern, and cloud-based corporate performance management software to conquer their business complexities.

Today, Azelis is benefiting from financial and operational alignment with the ability to complete financial consolidation and reporting in Euros and the flexibility to present product reports in relevant local currencies. Watch the webinar replay to learn how the organization’s need to prepare reports in several dimensions including legal entities, country, region, and market segments, led them to select OneStream Software.

“Our outcome with OneStream has been very positive. We checked with users across the globe and their feedback was that the OneStream system is very user-friendly. It has a better look and feels. It’s faster and the performance has much improved vs. with SAP BPC. And from the perspective of the central consolidation team, they have enforced an improved process in OneStream. They have better control on the progress of local processes that they can monitor centrally, which has also improved the quality of the data.” – Bram Janssens, Group Controlling and Accounting Director, Azelis

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How AFL Went from On-Premise to Cloud for an Optimal CPM Software Experience

 AFL is a telecommunications fiber optics company operating in 39 different currencies and servicing over 150 companies. A longtime customer, AFL implemented OneStream 6 years ago as an on-premise solution but began looking for new ways to integrate the CPM software globally. Being such a diverse company and working in various countries, AFL was having concerns around the uptime and security of the system because users were accessing the network through a virtual desktop.

Watch the webinar replay to learn how the IT team presented the benefits of moving to the cloud and what AFL could gain security-wise, in uptime for users, processing speed, plus cost savings and resource cutting as they continued to expand globally.

“For us, it was a no-brainer to move from on-premise to the cloud and the result has been phenomenal. Not only would it increase the availability of our people to get into our system more securely, but it would also increase their uptime and processing capabilities. Once the move was completed, we saw no negative impact to our users, security was phenomenal, and our users were gaining instant access to the software. We have not had any issues since we migrated back in 2016. The speed is good and we have not had any downtime issues. We close the books in 3 days and we have 2,500 recons that have to be done in 5 business days. So we bombard the system like crazy and we’ve never seen any hiccups.” – Pam Brady, IT Infrastructure Solutions Architect, AFL

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Supporting Sasfin Bank’s Future Growth with a Scalable, Flexible CPM Software

 Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sasfin is a bank-controlling company that provides a comprehensive range of specialist financial products and services for business and wealth clients. Over time, Sasfin faced many complexities both in business and in finance and recognized the need to create trust and reliance between the two through standardization. This was because, the business was reporting out of the line of business systems, meanwhile finance was using the GL, and the two were not reconciling. A lot of effort was put into explaining the numbers and a lot of time was spent reconciling which resulted in many frustrating discussions. There needed to be a change to drive value through the numbers, instead of arguing about the numbers.

The arrival of a new Financial Director brought the opportunity to look back and reflect on systems and processes in place which led to a finance simplification project. Watch the webinar replay to learn how Sasfin Bank found a new home for management, regulatory and statutory reporting, while also considering budgeting, planning, modeling, and predictive analytics moving forward. Learn how OneStream’s unified CPM software-enabled Sasfin move away from Excel and manual data processing.

“Doing an implementation over year-end was not without its challenges. That said, we saw such a huge improvement in data quality and governance when compared to the prior year. Having now implemented and worked with OneStream, there has been a cultural shift that occurred within finance. All activities are running with clear milestones and timelines. There’s a consistency and robustness that has been introduced into our reporting process that was not there in the past. And a significant amount of time was saved on consolidations and producing our annual financial statements at legal entity and bank levels. I am looking forward to realizing more benefits from our people and our business.” – Josh Souchon, Group Chief Digital and Change Officer, Sasfin Bank

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These are just some of the stories that are powerful examples of the benefits our customers achieve by replacing legacy CPM products and spreadsheets with modern CPM software. OneStream has a growing number of customer success webinars that we invite you to explore. Check out the Customer Success Webinars library on our website for more examples of the value achieved with OneStream and contact us today if you’re ready to make the move to an intelligent finance platform.

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