Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Finance & Accounting OneStream Webinars

Unifying Financial & Operational Insights with OneStream Dashboards & Reporting

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Tuesday, November 22 | 11 – 12 PM ET

With year-end reporting quickly approaching, many Finance teams are struggling to meet stakeholder reporting needs. Why? Mainly because many Finance teams rely on silos of disconnected data, spreadsheets and BI tools for their reporting.

Join us for a live demo to learn how you can bring your teams together to create reliable, integrated reports analyzing both financial and high-volume operations data and set a smooth path for year-end.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Empower end users with self-service dashboards and easy-to-build visualizations for real-time access to trusted data in OneStream and other data sources
  • Easily create, maintain and share accurate Financial Statements and Management Reports
  • Leverage financial signaling to continually drive performance with highly granular and high-velocity financial, operational and detailed transactional data

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