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Modernizing State & Local Finance: Getting Past the Hype to Real Value

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Getting Past the Hype to Real Value

Join HP Marin Group and OneStream Software for our exclusive virtual event on Thursday May 11th at 1:00pm ET. During this webinar you will learn about the frustrations and challenges that State & Local government finance teams are facing around budgeting, planning & reporting.

We will demystify the confusion around ERP, EPM, and other systems. These systems often are confused with each other, leaving users paralyzed as to what can be done to address Finance Modernization issues.

Lastly, we will provide real examples of how Finance Modernization can be achieved leveraging your existing technology investments. Transforming Finance Departments from excessive labor-intensive organizations to highly-efficient teams focused on analyzing data for valuable insights in support of the business. Compiling, sorting, reconciling, and proofing data via massive complex spreadsheets will be an exercise of the past – finally!

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