OneStream Organizational Analytics

A Unified Platform requires a Collaborative Design

Consider the Common Design as a tool for creating a roadmap. When you see the demo, you’ll probably get a sense of what OneStream will do.

However, while it is possible to do anything in one step, it will be challenging. It’s unlikely that the actual and budget periods coincide with a single go-live. To keep track of everything, extra time for project management resources would almost certainly be needed. Of course, you do not have the internal resource to do it at once.

It’s easier to plan when you start with a specific objective. You should also prioritize a solution that can deliver you a huge win right away and gain interest from your customer base.

Success Needs a Step-by-Step Approach

Defining the Project Goals is the first step in the Common Design process. These should be straightforward and easy to understand. A brief explanation describing why you are doing what you are doing should be included in the Project Goal and not making the mistake of confusing output with the outcome.

Then, you’ll want to figure out what the success criteria are. The project’s guiding principles are value statements that assist project teams in making decisions. These are particularly useful when the team is dealing with a tough decision or when there are disputes. Workshops can be used to promote the next set of moves. Each one should concentrate on the overall approach and not on a particular function. After the design workshops, you should be able to document what the new process will be or what we call the Future State. ThisĀ outline should give you a clear idea of the big gaps you have to look at in introducing a network such as OneStream rather than a point approach platform.

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