Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Intelligent Finance OneStream

Using Intelligent CPM to Overcome Complexity in Profitability Management

According to FSN’s 2020 study on The Future of Analytics in Finance, up to 40% of companies are technology-constrained and lack the analytical capabilities to completely leverage their current data. OneStream has the ability to lift certain restrictions. How do you do it? Through freeing finance teams from manual and dysfunctional CPM systems. OneStream, in particular, provides profitability management as part of a single, Intelligent Finance framework that also includes financial restructuring, financial, statutory, and management reporting, planning, estimating, and review.

Profitability management is an important part of successfully handling and driving the company’s success. It’s more important than ever for the company to have a complete view of both sales and expense factors in these periods of increasing uncertainty.

OneStream empowers the Finance team with the deep knowledge they need to lead at speed, make better decisions, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Customer & product analysis in line with financial outcomes

Users will build and exchange insights into core factors including consumer and product profitability using OneStream’s Intelligent Finance platform, which combines financial and operating data. Users may also see how profitability varies by area or channel on the website.

Users can also use OneStream’s automated allocation model to define which parts of the enterprise are contributing value vs. which are detracting value using built-in, self-service monitoring and analytics. Via such skills, this model provides Finance teams and their corporate leaders with the knowledge and understanding they need to take decisive steps and achieve the best financial results.

Here are a couple of OneStream’s core profitability control capabilities:

  • Allocations with Audit Trails that are efficient and multi-step
  • Simulating What-If Scenarios
  • Reporting and analytics are built-in.

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash