Intelligent Finance OneStream

Modernize the Research Hospital Medical Centers’ Financial Close

When finance departments still depend on Excel or inflexible legacy applications, gathering and presenting financials, as well as the myriad multidimensional criteria inherent in these activities, can be a challenging job To handle diverse spreadsheets and data, these tools also necessitate a substantial monthly time commitment from Finance teams. Finance departments, for example, are often required to spend time transferring and reconciling data as well as double-checking information for consistency. These low-value activities eventually reduce the amount of time available to facilitate corporate decision-making.

Universities, hospitals, research centers, healthcare networks, and emergency centers profit from OneStream’s multidimensional capability and extensibility, which is specifically tailored for such diverse settings. Corporate finance and different operating divisions may coexist in OneStream, with the ability to broaden dimensional hierarchies to satisfy the individual needs of each entity while retaining organizational level requirements and controls.

Your company will prepare and report at a level of depth that is operationally appropriate for your unit and complex financial processes with OneStream. OneStream makes it possible to do that – all within one program – and then generate results in a unified statement.

The dimensions needed to support your business needs are defined and configured with OneStream. This enables the software program to be unique to your activities and the way you analyze results.

Below is a sample of key OneStream attributes:

  • Data Dimensionality
  • Fund Reporting
  • Data Drilling

With the automation of monthly reports, AFR reporting, and audit financials, OneStream Software offers the actual quality and best result.

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