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The Ultra OneStream Success Story

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OneStream Customer Success Story: Ultra Electronics

Ultra is a sub-system and systems provider. They provide application-engineered solutions for their customers’ mission critical situations in the defence, security, critical detection and control markets. Key divisions include Intelligence & Communications, Maritime, and Energy.

Kimberley Taylor (VP Finance, Ultra Energy) joins us for this exciting webinar to share how Ultra are achieving Finance Transformation. A complete organisational overhaul was the impetus for transformation, and in a matter of months Ultra were running their Consolidation, Budgeting and Planning on OneStream’s Intelligent Finance Platform. With further developments planned, join us to learn what they have achieved so far, as well as the business, people and process benefits which have resulted.

About Kim (VP Finance, Ultra Energy)

Kim joined Ultra Electronics in 2017, in Head Office and was quickly promoted to Group Reporting Manager. During her time in this role she executed a number of key projects for the group, including having an integral role in the successful implementation of the new group consolidation system: OneStream. Having originally qualified as an accountant at Ernst & Young, amassing a wealth of experience in Audit and M&A Due Diligence, supported by knowledge gained during her time at Head Office, Kim is well equipped and thoroughly enjoying her new role within Ultra’s exciting and growing Energy division.

About Your Host, Salim (Customer Success Manager EMEA, OneStream Software)

With a professional background in IT Systems and Development Engineering, Salim Sidi-Boumedine brings deep technical understanding to OneStream’s customer relationships. He has over 20 years of experience delivering leading Finance solutions to the world’s most sophisticated organisations. In keeping with OneStream’s own 100% Customer Success value, Salim is passionate about helping OneStream customers to maximise the value they enjoy from the world’s leading intelligent finance platform.

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