Excel Global Partners OneStream White Paper

Data Transparency and Transformation at a Texas Medical University through EGP implementing OneStream

James O’Brien, Financial Systems Consultant, Excel Global Partners | October 5, 2021

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A TMU’s OneStreamTM transformation drastically improved many parts of their financial processes, but one key benefit was greatly increasing the transparency of their data.  From the outset, one of the TMU’s core requirements was being able to see how they were getting from A to Z; they wanted to be able to see how any given number in their system had been input or calculated.  To facilitate this requirement, they needed to be able to see what was comprising their large, consolidated numbers and closely examine those base level components.  OneStreamTM was able to address these requirements because it was designed from the ground up to provide an unparalleled level of data transparency, which the TMU could leverage to make more efficient analytics, more robust forecasting and reporting, more understandable allocation journals, and clearer audit trails.