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OneStream Finance Rules and Calculations Handbook

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OneStream Finance Rules and Calculations Handbook

OneStream Finance Rules and Calculations Handbook

Due May 20, 2022 | The PDF edition will be released the same day

Hundreds of companies have turned to OneStream to solve complex planning, consolidation and operational reporting needs. OneStream’s unique ability to provide a multitude of solutions across dozens of industries is largely due to its dynamic Finance Engine which provides the capability to add industry- and company-specific business intelligence to data. Employing the full power of the Finance Engine allows companies to extend the platform and fully exploit the power of their investment.

Aimed at everyone from novices to seasoned veterans, this handbook—by OneStream Distinguished Architect Jon Golembiewski—will break down the Finance Engine and outline how to write Finance Business Rules and Calculations. Its insights will help propel OneStream applications to the next level.

> Fundamentals of the Finance Engine

> Detailed breakdown of the Cube and Data

> A look under the hood of the api.Data.Calculate function

> Techniques for tackling complex calculation requirements

> How to use the Custom Calculate function to make calculations dynamic

> How to write calculations for optimal performance

> How to troubleshoot calculations

> How to solve and avoid common errors and pitfalls

> Real-world calculation examples with detailed explanations

> A full application with all referenced code examples is available to download from the website

About the Author

Jon Golembiewski is a Distinguished Architect on the OneStream Services Team. Jon joined OneStream in 2013 as one of the first members of the Services Team. Jon’s experience stretches across both Consolidation and Planning projects. He has worked on projects in over 20 countries, including OneStream’s first customers in South Africa, Australia, Finland, and Norway. Jon has also helped build and deliver training for both customers and consultants. He has lived in Amsterdam and currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.