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Addressing the Elephant in the Room

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What comes after SAP BPC/BFC/BCS?

Tuesday, October 11 | 4 PM CET / 10 AM ET


Looking at the SAP roadmap for BPC, BFC and BCS, users should evaluate migration well in advance to ensure business continuity of their EPM/CPM landscape beyond 2027.

Organisations need to make decisions now regarding their future system landscape and have it up and running before the support for BPC, BFC and BCS ends. However, considering the low maturity of the replacing SAP offerings, many customers are being forced to delay the upgrade decision, facing the risk of not finding enough talent and resources available when large numbers of existing SAP customers may be migrating at the last minute.

Can your organisation afford the risk of ignoring alternative options? What other solutions in the market can take on the capabilities of existing solutions (and more)? How easy would it be to migrate to a new solution, whilst retaining a simplified IT landscape and minimal running costs?

In this session, we will interview an SAP expert from Inplenion on their view of the current situation and future outlook:

  • Finance Transformation challenges for SAP users.
  • Future options evaluated by complexity, change management, time, and investment perspectives.
  • The timing challenge: what are SAP customers currently doing?
  • Replacing a good solution with a better one without adding complexity for IT.
  • Success stories from companies who have started their transformation.
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