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The New CFO Imperative: Unifying ESG & Financial Reporting

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Aligning ESG & Financial Reporting

There is now more than ever a clear driver for organizations to develop robust sustainability and ESG strategies with transparent reporting to stakeholders.  Global institutional and retail investment is surging into assets tied to ESG principles and the focus on the quality of ESG disclosures is only increasing.  The link between how an organization carries out its business and how it performs is increasingly being scrutinized.

Many organizations have reaped the benefits of voluntarily disclosing details about sustainable operations.  However, significant change is on the horizon, regulation is imminent and investors, employees and the public are taking more interest in the data points being published, fueling a ‘New Imperative’ for CFOs.

OneStream conquers complexity in the ESG & Financial Reporting processes by delivering through a unified Intelligent Finance platform supporting financial consolidation, financial, statutory, and management reporting, planning, forecasting and analysis.

Eliminate Risk and Align Your ESG & Financial Reporting Today!

This whitepaper highlights:

  • Why to Align ESG & Financial Reporting – As ESG reporting transitions from voluntary to mandatory, the same level of governance, control, accuracy, and auditability needed for financial reporting will be required with ESG.
  • Examines the ever-changing Regulatory Requirements – while deciding which ESG standard to follow can be difficult, a movement has shifted towards a global standard that emerged from the recent COP26 conference in 2021.
  • The Business Value of aligning ESG & Financial Reporting – research suggests that organizations taking higher levels of action on ESG can indeed perform better – according to Accenture: 2.6x higher on total shareholder return.
  • Customer Success – Learn how a global organization is unifying actuals, budgets, quarterly forecasts, ESG reporting, weekly operations data and M&A analysis to save time and reduce complexity in data collection.


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