Workforce readiness is a vital success driver for XP&A

Progress is prevented by legacy solutions. 

To meet modern workforce planning needs, simple linked planning applications or fragmented spreadsheets are no longer sufficient. Legacy solutions are unable to keep up with the present rate of transition or difficulty. Finance departments, predictably, are frustrated by these tactics, which require them to spend time managing data rather than working on ways to add value. 

OneStream People Planning allows you to lead at speed 

The OneStream Intelligent Finance Platform enables finance teams to lead at speed by combining people planning with key CPM processes like planning, budgeting, and estimating, financial consolidation, monitoring, and financial data quality in a single, streamlined platform. Customers can import, install, and deploy more than 50 business and productivity applications from the OneStream MarketPlace to easily solve external requirements without adding complexities to the program. 

Here are only a couple of the OneStream People Planning approach for XP&A: 

  • Employee data from leading HCM applications can be imported. 
  • Add new recruits and upgrade current staff with ease. 
  • Utilize pre-built tax and benefit estimates that differ by region. 
  • Pre-built data entry formats, regulations, estimates, reports, and dashboards help you enter data faster. 
  • Incorporating specialized preparation solutions from OneStream, including cash management. 

The OneStream People Planning approach enables financing teams in organizations like The Carlyle Group and Cleaver-Brooks to quickly get people’s plans in line with financial plans. The benefits achieved by these organizations demonstrate how people planning can be used to take recruitment and reimbursement decisions in real time and to make decisions flexible. 

Additional benefits include the following capabilities: 

  • Allow users to build new ideas, new hires, and T&E scenarios without involving IT. 
  • Determine the effect of hiring and staffing choices on financial results. 
  • For real-time, dynamic preparation, utilize pre-built global drivers for wage, compensation, and payroll taxes by title, geography, and salary band. 
  • Use dashboards to collaborate with corporate leaders around the enterprise. 

Workforce readiness is a vital success driver for XP&A in today’s uncharted and ever-changing world.

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash